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Organisational Development

Change is difficult. Not to change is fatal. Take your organisation to the next level.

Digital Strategy

Digital transformation as necessity for a bright future

Cultural Change that Sticks

Leadership development for teams and professionals at executive level

Giraffa Business Consulting

Brings focus to your future perspective

Marcel Veening

Ready when you are

Service Portfolio

Assignments in program-, change- and general management at government, educational institutions, business services and healthcare. Experienced with innovation, business transformation, change strategies, portfolio management and governance using a wide variety of business models. Our drive to innovate and bring companies and its professionals to a next level is a characteristic of our working model.

We performed our services inter alia at:

– UWV Social Medical Affairs (programmanager HRM, Communication & Education)

– Centre of Excellence New Media Technology (board member, innovation platform)

– Dutch Police Academy (CIO and head of department Information & Change Management)

– Be Informed (Director Professional Services)

– Luminis (Managing Director)

– Several leadership training events and strategy development

– several other projects and activities on technological innovation

Please contact us if you want to know how we can be of service in your business requests.

Cultural change

Giraffa Business Consulting is licensed partner of Energy Drives. With business programs, inspirational sessions and team assessments Giraffa Business Consulting develops teams and professionals at executive level.

Is your team ready for change and innovation? Get the insights you need and how to select the best suitable people to create the change your business needs. Energy Drives is used as instrument for assessment and business coaching in this process to get the best out of your team and maximise their efficiency and motivation.

Digital Strategy

With the acceleration of technological development, the world around us changes at an increasing speed existing structures and organisations can barely cope with. How long will it take to change your services and products to adapt to a society that gets more digital adept and community focussed. Changing a business isn’t realised over night, but new players on the market appear even faster. How can technology enable you in gaining and keeping a meaningful in the future society and marketplace. No one can predict the future, a digital strategy can give you guidelines to the possible scenario’s. Technology is a strategic asset for change, with an increasing impact on your strategy.

If your company is looking how to define and implement their digital strategy, please contact us for a non-comittal exploration of the possibilities we offer. We engage your executive team in strategy sessions, using moonshots and scenario’s to define your digital transformation strategy.

Change Management

Change needs a clear vision, inspirational leadership and a people oriented approach. Change always meets resistance, because every system is bent on maintaining the status quo. If its about implementation of new IT support systems, a new organisational structure, professionalising business services or introducing innovation and new concepts, the new experiences need to be adopted, accepted and become an integral part of the organisational DNA. The human factor is the most import aspect in this proces. Change management, program management or managing complex projects, Giraffa Business Consulting is experiences in leading organisations and (project)teams to a new future. Change is giving fact in the world we live in, so we better start using the power of our people to embrace the possibilities.

If you need an experience program manager or change manager on the intersection of organisation, processes and technology, don’t hesitate to contact us for a non-committal dialogue on our proposition.

Veranderen met passie, energie en deskundigheid

Het realiseren van verandering en vernieuwing is Marcel’s passie. Hij brengt mensen in beweging met nieuwe inzichten en visie. Dit doet hij op een functionele en vernieuwende manier, waarmee de ontwikkeling van de organisatie doelgericht en besluitvaardig vorm wordt geven. In een dynamische bedrijfscontext handelt hij vanuit overzicht en vertaalt visie naar een duurzaam verzilverbare strategie en resultaatgerichte oplossingen. Daarbij stuurt hij met het oog op het grote geheel en geeft inspirerend en hands-on richting en inrichting aan een gezamenlijke toekomst.

“Be the Change you Wish to See” (Mahatma Gandi)